pateygirl | Jot Magazine Mood Challenge

smallKimMoodBoardThe February Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge is here and its beautiful!!!  You can find all the details HERE .  I just LOVE what the Jot girls have created, always amazes me how a group of creative people can be given the same criteria for design and end up with such different interpretations.  All of them inspiring.

I will admit that this colour scheme was really not my style.  I “ummmmed and ahhhhhed” over it for quite a while.  Thankfully the perfect photo presented itself and that made it all flow.

IMG_8407Don’t forget to link up your entry to the JOT BLOG so we can leave you some love.


pateygirl | Bloom True

static_330x120I am SUPER excited.  Over the top, can’t wait to start kind of excited.

This year I promised myself was the year to paint, explore texture and colour, feel a little more confident in my painting and mixed media style that has been slowly developing over the last few years.  It was time to be brave.

It was also time to learn. This year is all about being authentic and anchored and open to learning.

I’ve been following, crushing on, and generally loving everything about Flora Bowleys art.  So I have taken a deep breath and will be joining her Bloom True course.

If you have not seen her work here is a little sample of one of her works in progress.

Flora_Bowley_paintinginprogress_1Beautiful, intuitive, brave.

I’ve sorted out my work space.  I’ve set up under out deck looking over the lake.  It’s going to be magic.

PicturesIf you are looking for an art based class to join this year, you should check it out HERE .  Class starts next week, so be quick it does sell out.




pateygirl | Jot Magazine is Here

Filled to the absolute brim with layouts and inspiration.  Perfect for some quiet reading as the kids go back to school this week.  You can find your FREE issue for download HERE .

Between packing and moving and the busy of the pre-Christmas season I still managed to create some layouts for this issue.  Nothing short of a miracle!

Have you downloaded your copy yet????


pateygirl | 2014 we are ready for you

It’s going to be a BIG one.

2014 is going to be filled with the usual crazy, busy, how much more can we fit in kind of stuff.

We have a teenager sitting his FINAL year of school.  We have just moved into a new home (and it’s wonderful) so there will be plenty of DIY and styling going on.  The usual dance stuff for the littlest one.  Work travel for hubby.  Creative stuff and plenty of it for me.  Crossfit. A lovely big holiday for all of us very soon (can’t wait!).

And the normal stuff. The noisy, messy crazy of a big family.

We love it.

Here is a little sneak peak of our January.  It’s been very hectic moving into a new home, but it’s been wonderful too …. can’t wait to share more about it all.

I hope that you are starting your new year with a sense of happy and positive.  It’s the only way to live :)



pateygirl | Christmas 2013

This is what our Christmas 2013 looked like.

Happy faces, lots of laughs, a bundle of tears (in a happy kind of way), family, cousins, presents and great food.

No pressure, no fighting, even NO TOYS in my home (since when did my kids get that big?).

We were surrounded by boxes, we ate our breakfast at the coffee table, rather than our traditional dining table filled with crystal glassware and vintage plates. We kept the decorating to a minimum ( I found that really hard).

But it was awesome.  Perfect even.

I hope your Christmas Celebrations were wonderful.



and just a few extra pictures for me to remember

pateygirl | saying goodbye

It seems that I’ve been very absent from this space for a while now.  Not with intention.  Life has a way of throwing up a surprise or two.  A change of direction.  A new path.

As everyone else dives headlong into Christmas, with shopping, and home decorating and parties.  We here have been packing boxes in preparation to move from our home.

It’s bittersweet.

I have loved this home probably more than any other we have owned.  It is the smallest and oldest home we have ever lived in.  But it’s filled with amazing character and I have loved decorating this space with vintage finds and unusual pieces, it’s taken me 5 years.  We have laughed and danced, in this home.  We have also faced many a challenge.  We will miss it. But look forward to what lies ahead.

Here is a little peak into what we created in this beautiful 80 year old home.

I really wish now I had *before* photo’s.  We have re-done every surface, painted, patched and repaired.  It became apparent very quickly that my new favourite shop would be my local op shop (which made me super happy as I have been op shopping since I was in highschool) and the challenge would be to collect individual pieces that supported the age of the home without being “old and granny”.  It’s comfortable, warm and so easy to live in.

I am looking forward to the challenge of decorating a newer home with all these collected pieces.

So with that, I hope that you will excuse the quietness and I look forward to chatting about renting, furniture challenges, decorating on a budget as well as the usual crafty/family chat.

If you have any questions about renovating/collecting/furniture choices etc please leave a message I’d only be too happy to answer.




pateygirl | crafting with kids


From playdough in hair to little snippits of paper *everywhere*, crafting with kids can be a little challenging.  But it can also be a whole heap of fun.  Perfect for developing fine motor skills, fostering creativity and generally providing an alternative to electronic games and media.

From a very early age my children had their own little table that I would set up with playdough, crayons, scissors, glue, paddle pop sticks and other fun things to play and create with.

Now they are big kids, and the littlest chicken in particular loves having easy access to products to make cards.  She is more than welcome at my desk to use my suplies but she really loves her own little basket. It’s filled with lots of pretty things to make crafting easy, fun and most importantly for me a quick clean up that she can do herself.

Here is a little peak what is inside her basket of craftiness.

Prefolded cards, buttons and other small embellishments, sequins, precut 6 x 4 Project life style inserts (perfect for the front of cards), washi tape, a tin of cute little type mini postcards.  She also has scissors, glue and  double sided tape.

It’s the perfect little bundle for a crafty little girl (or boy).


pateygirl | Jot Magazine Mood Board Challenge TEN

Another amazing colour story …. every time I think “I LOVE this one the best”, the next one is just as wonderful.  I had lots of fun working with layers, and pencils and more layers.  Greens, teals, grey/nickel … just beautiful.

and some details …

My trusty Derwent pencils seem to be getting a good workout lately, so easy to add colour without mess and fuss.  You still have a little time if you want to play, head over to Jot for all the details


pateygirl | Jot Kids

It’s been so very hectic here lately. Busy kids, busy parents, stuff to do.  You all know the feeling.  I like to call it organised chaos.

The lovely Lauren Hender put together a fun challenge for our creative Jot Kids  and it came at the perfect time.  It was lovely to set out some supplies and let Liv create peacefully at the table. I just love the gorgeous and FREE printables too.

Still time for your little creative to play along too.  You can find the full details HERE as well as see what some other amazing and creative kids came up with.





pateygirl | get your sparkle on

My youngest, she knows how to sparkle.  It’s just who she is.

It’s the clothes she wears, the sound of her laughter, the way she dives headlong into life, she gives everything to whatever activity is required of her (school work, dancing, drawing, singing).  She goes through life with heart and soul and a whole lot of sparkle. It’s pure joy watching her.

At ten, without worry or obligation past brushing her teeth, doing her homework and being nice to her siblings – her life is pretty stress free, sparkle comes a little easier.

As she grows up and responsibilities come there will come a time when the sparkle is a little dulled and worn.

As an adult and a busy parent I know what it’s like to lose a little sparkle along the way  …. I have also learnt a few ways how to shine it up again.

How do you keep your sparkle and shine? is there an activity that refreshes you? or something you do every day to keep above the stresses of life?

In the coming weeks I am really looking forward to sharing some “sparkle and shine” ideas with you.






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